2022 AGEF Scholarship Recipients!

A huge, sincere THANK YOU to supporters of the Avondale-Goodyear Education Foundation! With your help, we were able to award college scholarships to highachieving ​Avondale Elementary School District students for the 4th consecutive year!

Each ​recipient received ​$2,000 ​to ​save and invest in their college education. The ​scholarship funds can be used for ​anything they might need as a college student, including books, tuition, enrollment fees, and more!

We loved reading each applicant’s ​heart-felt Kids at Hope essay response when asked what they learned from their time in the program.​ Check out a few highlights below!


“The Kids at Hope program taught me how to be a leader and to help others who are struggling which has created a path to the biomedical field where I am able to make a difference and help people at the same time.” – Jonathan H.


“Not only did the program motivate me but it taught me to never give up. High school can be very overwhelming, especially as a student taking AP classes and working a part-time job. But I look back at how far I’ve come and quitting suddenly does not seem like an option. I am very grateful for the program because it set the foundation for reaching my goals. No matter where life takes me, I know that I will always be a Kid at Hope and that I am capable of success.” – Rebecca R.


“I truly learned that I am capable of success and all it takes is putting in effort, time, and perseverance. I didn’t have dreams as of a few years ago; however, that has all changed. I want to create a better place and environment for the people who live in this world.” – Richard R.


“The lessons that I learned from the Kids at Hope program have impacted my life in amazing ways. One of those lessons was that you could become successful with hard work. I always tried my best in my tests because I knew that it would be worth it. I always appreciated how my teachers always saw the positive in students and helped us grow as people. I remember that we would get a paper with our best qualities in it and what careers we could go into based on our personalities. I remember seeing “doctor” and ​”teacher” in those many times. Now that I am older, I do plan to go into the medical school later and I think that the Kids at Hope Program had a play in that.” – Ana C.

Again, we appreciate the outpouring of support from the community and our business partner​s as we continue to do whatever it takes to create opportunities for students and celebrate AESD staff, especially during the past two years of uncertainty. We are hopeful to resume in-person fundraising events soon – stay tuned!